SSYF have been very active in Craven Arms. For many years they have been delivering successful diversionary projects such as the Green team, the Cricket project and a youth club. 

Due to the changing needs of young people in the town SSYF has spent a time developing projects that will successfully engage local youth. A couple of years ago the Youth club closed due to low attendances. A period of non-activity led to a new generation of young people not being able to get involved in organised activities. A weekly football project was successful in engaging many of the youths who socialise in and around the Community centre. A drop-in café was also set up to provide somewhere safe and warm for young people to meet and socialise.  These café sessions enabled SSYF to start a consultation process off with local youths. This culminated in a Youth Forum group being set up that could look at identifying needs of local youth (and look at practical solutions to address these needs). A Political Speed Dating event was held in 2017 and a Youth Action Plan formulated by youth people. This was used to discuss with local decision makers, such as representatives from the Town Council and management from CasCA. Workshops were also delivered in café sessions – looking at provide young people with information on a variety of youth related issues.

Approximately 40 young people aged 9-18 participated on the football and sports activities organised by SSYF.

Free café/drop-in sessions delivered with approximately 10-13 young people each week.

Diversionary/holiday based activities took part in 2016/17 due to young people being successful in a bid to Shropshire NHS ‘Everybody Active’.  

A NEW volunteer project was started in April 2018 enabling young people to work on practical tasks at the Shropshire Hills Discovery centre.

Updated May 2018